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Quality Fire Wood & Logs for Sale Hertfordshire & St.Albans

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Fircroft Tree Surgery Ltd offer Firewood & Logs for sale within a 20 Mile delivery radius of St.Albans (AL2). We supply quality, Seasoned firewood, throughout St.Albans & Hertfordshire, as well as many surrounding areas. Our quality firewood is cut and split at our processing yard in St Albans, piled and packaged ready for delivery(*). Rest assured that all of our Firewood products have been properly seasoned. Logs are available in loose or bagged loads. Kindling & Firelighters are also available.

ALL of our Firewood consists of 100% Quality Hardwood.

If you have a large or specific amount to order please Contact Us. A member of our team will be happy to assist you with your requirements.




Kindling Bag **

1x Small - Approx
35cm x 45cm


Fire Lighters (Per Pack)**

1 Pack


Bulk Bags (Split Logs) ***

1m3 (1 Bag)

From £80.00


2m3 (2 Bags)

From £140.00

Loose Loads (Split Logs)

3m3 (3 Bags)

From £200.00

Wooden Log Store
(Available in Medium - Large Sizes)


From £94.99

Log Store
Kindling Bag
1m3 Log Bag

* Free delivery is included within a 8 mile radius of our processing depot (AL2). Thereafter, a charge may apply depending on your location, please contact us for more details.

** Minimum purchase applies.

*** Bags are delivered to drive way / Kerbside only. Bags for delivery purpose only - must be returned.

Fircroft Tree Surgery Ltd has firewood for sale with 5% VAT and with 20% VAT. The firewood is exactly the same but HMRC applies different VAT rates depending on the purpose of the purchase.

It is the buyer's responsibility to choose the product with the correct VAT rate that applies to them. As a guide, the reduced 5% VAT rate applies to firewood bought for domestic fuel use, else the standard 20% VAT rate applies.

All current pricing on this website is including 5% VAT; for wood purchases with 20% VAT, Please Contact Us

Wood for Warmth

The use of wood for open fires and wood burning stoves is not just reserved for rural areas. With the price of electricity and gas increasing so rapidly, more and more people are turning to open fires to keep themselves warm and cut down on energy bills. For those who live in older properties, it's fairly easy to uncover and use an old fireplace which may have been blocked up with brick or board.

In fact some Hertfordshire retailers have reported massive increases in wood-burner sales. The Solid Fuel Association estimates a 40% industry rise. Many chimney sweep firms are reporting they have 2-3 month waiting lists.

Another great advantage in using wood to heat your home is the environmental aspect. Wood is considered carbon neutral because it only releases the CO2 captured by the growth of the tree. Modern multi-fuel stoves (half wood and half smokeless fuel) are even more efficient, producing less carbon-dioxide than a gas boiler. Wood is also a renewable energy source

Storing Wood

If you're looking for logs for sale Hertfordshire, you may want to think about storage first. There's nothing worse than a fire that simply won't light. If you've ever had problems, the likelihood is your logs have not been stored correctly. Your store needs careful consideration and planning so your fuel is in optimum condition when you need it. We can supply you with a Log Store, ready with your first order to ensure you are ready to burn your firewood from day one. So, what are the best practices for good wood storage?

Sheltered - We'll start by stating the obvious, the store needs shelter to protect the wood from precipitation. A simple pergola type structure is a good starting point as sides are not as important, unless you live in a particularly wet or windy area. Do not use tarp as it encourages moisture retention.

Off the Ground - Similarly, the logs needs to lie on a dry surface. Use a raised wooden or concrete floor or stack on top of pallets.

Well Ventilated - You need to allow air to circulate thoroughly to assist the drying process. Again, you could consider using wooden pallets between each layer to facilitate circulation. If your store has sides, leave gaps between the boards so that the air can flow through.

Well Stacked -When stacking your wood always place the large logs on the bottom. Stacks can be dangerous as wood shrinks when it dries out, take care to avoid any potential harm or damage from it collapsing.

Section Off - or have two stores, one containing wood ready for burning and another with the wood that needs further seasoning.

Stocking Up - Firewood you prepare yourself will need to be stored for 9 months to 1 year before using. If it's too wet, energy will be taken from the fire to dry it out. This will result in less heat to the room and cooler flue gas which means more tar deposits. For your peace of mind, all of the Firewood we supply is already seasoned, so you can start burning immediately. Ensure you have a plentiful stock well before you intend to start burning, so you will never be caught out when the cold weather arrives!