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Firewood & Logs for Sale

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Firewood & Logs for Sale

With electricity and gas prices constantly rising, a more affordable and sustainable way to heat your home is with our range of seasoned firewood and logs.

Wood is also considered carbon neutral, as it only generates the equivalent amount of CO2 during burning as the tree has captured during its growth.

Here at Fircroft Tree Surgery we supply quality seasoned firewood and logs to residential and commercial customers across Hertfordshire. All our firewood is split from 100% hardwood, mainly consisting of oak, ash, beech, elm, cherry, pear and apple.

Purchase with confidence for top-of-the-range products at competitive prices.

We also provide tree surgeon services and commercial tree services across Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

If you want to purchase any of our firewood or fire logs, give us a call on Call 01727 638 216 .

Why choose Fircroft products?

  • All our firewood consists of 100% quality hardwood.
  • All our firewood products are seasoned for a minimum of 12-18 months, ensuring moisture content remains low at approx.
  • 15% before being loaded for transport.
  • Our quality firewood, manure and woodchip mulch is all processed at our main depot, with all wood products sourced locally in Hertfordshire.
  • We pile and pack all firewood, manure and mulch products ourselves for minimal stress delivery to a kerbside address or driveway, ready for immediate use.
  • Firewood is delivered in bagged and loose loads. All products are delivered as close to your property as vehicle access allows, with the firewood then tipped to your chosen area for you to store.
  • Large diameter firewood is also available for commercial use in businesses such as public houses and hotels.

Why is it so important to use seasoned wood for burning?

Seasoned wood burns much cleaner and more efficiently than green or non-seasoned alternatives, meaning you will lose large amounts of heat when burning compared to well seasoned firewood. Non-seasoned firewood will also produce more smoke and leave unburnt particles throughout your flue, especially towards the top, which can collect a substantial amount of deposits if green wood is continually used.

Storing Your Firewood

To ensure your firewood is ready for burning, it is important to store it in a suitable place. We highly recommend a covered, dry, well-ventilated area to stack your firewood, ideally raised so the timber won’t absorb any moisture from the ground during damp winter months. This will keep your firewood in optimum condition ready for burning. Log stores are now available from a wide range of suppliers.

We also supply

  • Manure – A fantastic natural fertiliser packed with nutrients, especially useful when mixed with soil used for the growing of vegetables, plants and flowers. Manure can also help improve drainage to planting beds.
  • Woodchip Mulch – The perfect weed suppressant solution, woodchip mulch can be used in a variety of areas as decorative ground coverage for large or small areas or to control weed growth in landscape bedding or planters.

To place your order please use the Contact Us section and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange your delivery.

If you need further assistance with your order, please call us to discuss your requirements.

Delivery and Product Prices

Our Product Quantities and Prices:
Product Quantity Price Extra Info
Firewood Loose Or Bulk Bag x 1m³ From £120.00 nothing
Firewood Loose Or Bulk Bag x 2m³ From £220.00 SAVE £20.00 + Free delivery**
Firewood Loose Or Bulk Bag x 3m³ From £315.00 SAVE £45.00 + Free delivery**
Manure Loose Load Please call to discuss your requirements From £70.00 Discounts + free delivery for multiple orders**
Woodchip Mulch Loose Load Please call to discuss your requirements From £80.00 Discounts + free delivery


** Free delivery is included within a 10 mile radius of our depot (AL2 Postcode Area). Thereafter, a charge may apply depending on your location, please contact us for further details.

VAT at 5% is included in the price of all our firewood products used for residential purposes.

Please contact a member of the Fircroft team directly if you wish to order any of our products in bulk. We will be happy to assist with any requirements.

Our seasoned firewood and logs, manure and mulch are all available for delivery to customers within St Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas.

As an accredited business providing a complete range of tree surgery services, land management and quality firewood, we strive to provide services and products of the highest quality. To place an order or talk to a member of our team, please contact us today.

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    • Trained, experienced & well presented arborists
    • Approved contractor for highways agency & local authorities
    • Full public liability insurance
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