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Crown Reductions & Pollarding

If your tree has become oversized or out of shape, we can recommend suitable reduction works to restore it to a more manageable size and spread. This will help maintain the structure of your tree to a more balanced shape and prevent crown growth from interfering with nearby buildings, services and structures.

We have a team of specialist tree surgeons here at Fircroft Tree Surgery, if you need our crown reduction services, give us a call on 01727 638 216 today.

By carrying out an appropriate reduction to suit your species, we’ll reduce the tree in size, enabling it to be maintained to a natural shape, and allowing for healthy regeneration.

Not all species are suitable for this method, and crown reduction should not be confused with “lopping or topping”, which is a generally outdated term and can be used to describe indiscriminate and harmful methods of work. A reduction process may also be advised to alleviate weight stress to individual branches or whole trees, where defect or decline in crown condition has been identified.

During this process we will also ensure that any dieback within the crown is reduced back to suitable growth points, to give the tree the best possible outcome.

Crown Thinning is the removal of smaller branches in the interior crown to achieve a uniform density of the crown structure. Usually applied to broadleaf species, this method does not change the size or shape of the tree. It is often used to increase light through the crown and to reduce wind resistance.

Crown Lifting is the raising or shortening of lower branches and crown growth to a required height. This is often used to increase light to areas close to the tree, allow better access under the tree or provide suitable clearance and sight lines in locations used for vehicle or pedestrian access. For example, this is often a method implemented to trees close to driveways, roads or footpaths.

Pollarding is carried out to control trees more mature in size and shape, creating a uniform framework from where the crown can regenerate. This technique is often used in locations where the tree cannot be allowed to reach full size due to the likelihood of crown conflict with structures, services or other tree species.

Pollarding can also be carried out as a method to reduce weight or leverage in oversized trees or where a substantial decline has been identified in crown or stem condition. Once carried out this method will need to be repeated every 3-6 years, depending on the species of your tree.

Tree Pruning Near Me

Pruning is a proven method to maintain and encourage crown growth in a variety of species, such as fruit trees, and is usually carried out in dormant months of the growth cycle, though some deciduous species can require pruning later in spring. This practise is used to remove dead, diseased and dying growth, promoting balanced shape and healthy growth.

Formative pruning is a lesser method usually carried out on smaller or more delicate species to establish sound size, form and correct defects that may adversely affect the tree in later life.

The team at Fircroft Tree Surgery provide all forms of crown reduction and pruning, along with a wide range of related tree surgery services, to residential and commercial customers in St Albans, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas. We offer emergency response call out services, with competitive prices for all our work, expertly carried out by our fully trained and accredited team.

Help your trees reach their full potential and enhance your outdoor space — get in touch with our team and contact us today.

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